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Protection for your business name and branding

A brand or trade mark serves to indicate the origin, and/or quality, of either products or services. A trade mark can include the use of words, invented words, logos, signatures, and even shapes. By using your trade mark in your branding, it helps consumers easily recognise your product or service from the products or services of other traders. By registering a trade mark, you obtain the legal right to use, licence or sell the trade mark for the goods or services for which it is registered.

Our trade mark attorneys are specialists in the preparation and prosecution of trade mark applications. Get in contact with us on (02) 9955 2600 to guarantee protection for your business name and branding. By calling us, you will also receive a free booklet that will answer all your trade mark enquiries.

Trade Mark Questions

  • If you have created a new product or established a service that you want to create an image for, you should consider registering a trade mark as soon as possible.
    It is not necessary to register a trade mark to obtain some restricted rights to it, but protecting an unregistered trade mark may be difficult and more expensive if issues begin to arise.
  • By registering a trade mark, you obtain proprietary rights in the mark for use throughout Australia. A registered trade mark prevents others from using the mark without your consent, and prevents others from taking advantage of your brand reputation.
  • To obtain a trade mark an online application to the Trade Marks Office website must be made. As your trade mark will be examined first for registrability, trade mark applications done through us can minimise the time you have to wait for your trade mark to be accepted, as opposed to when you apply for it yourself online.

    Our trade mark attorneys are specialists in filing and prosecuting trade mark applications. By providing professional advice and service, we look to ensure all your questions are answered and the trade mark application process is properly and quickly completed.

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