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Founded in 2003, Fraser Old & Sohn is a Sydney-based firm of patent and trademark attorneys with professional qualifications and expertise in dealing with intellectual property generally, and in particular: Patents, Designs and Trade Marks.

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Fraser Old, BSc BE (Hons) FIPAA

Fraser Old is a leading Australian patent attorney with over 35 years of experience in the patent attorney profession. Fraser was educated at the Sydney Church of England Grammar School (“Shore”) and graduated from the University of New South Wales, obtaining degrees in Science (majoring in Physics) and Electrical Engineering (Honours).

Prior to establishing Fraser Old & Sohn, Fraser held skilled and respected positions as Co-Chairman of the Patents Committee of The Asia Patents Attorneys Association (1990-1996), President of the Institute of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys (IPTA) (1996-1997), and Council Member of the IPTA (1985-1998).

He has combined his skill and knowledge to further write and publish “Inventions, Patents, Brands & Designs” Patent Press 1993, “Vale Omnibus Claims” Intellectual Property Forum March 2013, and “FLOWTELL” The Asian Patent Attorneys Association 2000.

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  • Fact 1:

    Fraser Old drafted the specification of US Patent No. 5,487,069 entitled “Wireless LAN” for the CSIRO.

  • Fact 2:

    Following successful court action in the USA, the above patent earned the CSRIO a net AU$228.6 million in back royalties (Source CSRIO Annual Report 2011-2012)

  • Fact 3

    An Australian client of Fraser Old & Sohn in 2015 was awarded €63,000 in a successful patent infringement case relating to an electric light fitting. The Court was in Paris and successfully enforced a French patent obtained via the European Patent Office.

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