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Patents are a form of right granted as a “reward” for the creation of new technical ideas (devices, products or processes) that excludes or prevents others from using or making your invention.

There are two types of patents in Australia – an innovation patent and a standard patent. Innovation patents are inexpensive, quick and easy to obtain, giving 8 years of protection for inventions with a short commercial life. A standard patent on the other hand, gives 20 years of protection for inventions that take longer to develop and are more profitable in the long run.

Obtaining patent protection for your invention can be done in a variety of ways, but lodging a patent application accompanied by a patent specification are important first steps.

Patent Questions

  • If you have created an original idea or design, which could be potentially profitable, then you should consider applying for patent protection before deciding to disclose it or conduct commercial activities.
  • Pretty much anything can be patented, just as long as the idea or invention is original or new – this includes devices, products or processes. Your idea must not have been used, sold, or published anywhere in order to obtain a standard Australian patent.
  • Obtaining an Australian patent gives you exclusive rights to make or sell the patented idea within Australia. Patents will also serve to prevent the production and sale of a patented idea within Australia, including for export and import into Australia of the patented idea if manufactured overseas.
  • If you are thinking about obtaining a patent for your original idea, get in contact with us via or call us on (02) 9955 2600. We will thoroughly discuss your idea and its advantages, the type of patent appropriate for your idea, the patent application process and requirements, and the costs involved.

    Please note that if you have already released your invention without a patent, Australia provides a 12-month grace period, so you may still be able to file a valid patent application within 12 months of the disclosure date. Please contact us immediately to discuss your options.



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