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Secure ownership and protect the visual features of your creative designs

The shape, configuration, pattern and/or ornamentation of an article or product can be protected by means of a registered design. Protection of a design concentrates on the external appearance of the product. Your company will be in a stronger position to stop product imitations if every product you have is protected by design registration.

With over 35 years of patent attorney experience, our patent attorneys are specialists in preparing design registrations for many different products. Get in contact with us on (02) 9955 2600 and protect your idea today. By calling us, you will also receive a free booklet that will answer all your design registration enquiries.

Registered Designs Questions

  • For your design registration to be valid, your design must be considered “new” and “distinctive.” Any product manufactured may be eligible to be protected, and registration is made to protect the look or appearance of the product (3D or 2D features).
  • The main advantage of design registration is the prevention of copy products, and the right to authorise its use by others for a price. Giving up to 10 years protection for your design, it also becomes an added layer of protection to patent applications – hence we recommend obtaining both a design and patent application at the same time.
  • Australian design registrations are obtained by lodging an application with the Australian Patent Office, and like patents, designs must also be new and accompanied by drawings showing a perspective view of your design.

    Contact us and our patent attorneys can provide professional advice and service to ensure all your questions are answered and all the requirements of the design application process are properly completed. Get in contact with us via or call us on (02) 9955 2600.

  • If you are thinking about obtaining a registered design for your new product, get in contact with us before you release the product. You can contact us either via or call us on (02) 9955 2600. We will thoroughly discuss your idea and its appearance, the registered design process and requirements, and the costs involved.

    Please note: if you have already released and started selling your product without filing an application for registered design in Australia, then protection in Australia is not possible but it is still possible to obtain registered design protection in other countries including the USA. Again if you contact us, we can explain the possibilities and the costs involved.



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