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Purchase existing inventions or licences

Whether you are an existing company looking for a new product to introduce to your customers, or someone looking to start a new business, you may have come across the difficulty of having to develop an original concept for a product or service.

You can either create your own idea to patent, or choose to buy an existing patent or licence that coincides with your business ideas. While most prefer to come up with their own ideas to patent, purchasing an existing patent can provide more immediate protection compared to waiting for a patent to be processed, and it is also relatively inexpensive.

Below is a list of existing patents and applications for sale. If you are interested in purchasing or licencing any of the inventions below, or have any queries, please contact us via or call us on (02) 9955 2600.


Our reference Short Title Patent or App No. Brief Summary
5055G-AU Graffiti Deterrent 2008 200 925 A method of deterring graffiti artists by destroying the contrast of the surface they propose to graffiti.
5055I-AU Forklift Attachment 2009 219 086 and Registered Design 321475 An attachment to enable a 4-in-1 bucket to be converted into a forklift. Makes use of a tractor’s hydraulics and saves the expense of a conventional forklift.
5133T-AU Wine Label 2011 101 222 A wine label which enables prospective customers to self-select particular bottles from amongst the range of all other suppliers.
5133Y-AU Hair Dressing Kit 2012 205 153 A set of shampoo and conditioner bottles which can be distinguished at a distance without glasses in a shower recess.
5086R-WO Meat Juice Recovery Apparatus PCT/AU2014/050010 A container and baking tray which enables juices from a roast to be drawn from the tray. The fat and meat juices separate in the container and the meat juices can be decanted.
5055B-AU Locust Lure A trap and poison system for plague locusts.
5055E-AU Product Quality Assurance System A labelling system which promotes increased consumer confidence in goods contained in a container.